About Felecia

Look past your circumstances and get creative!

Felecia Hatcher is a White House Award winning entrepreneur, badass business rainmaker, bestselling author, globally sought-after speaker, media darling, mother, and Founder of Code Fever and BlackTechWeek. Breathe… She is also the rather awesome former Chief Popsicle at Feverish Pops, a gourmet ice pop boutique and manufacturing brand with a Fortune 500 client roster that would make your head spin prior to becoming an entrepreneur Felecia was a marketing executive working for big brands like Nintendo, Sony, Mckee Foods and the NBA.
For the past decade, Felecia has dedicated her life to inspiring a new generation of leaders to do epic shit, through her conversational talks on Entrepreneurship, Tech Innovation, Funding and Personal Branding. As the founder of Code Fever and Black Tech Week, Felecia Hatcher is on a mission to rid our communities of innovation deserts by working with community leaders and government to create inclusive and diverse startup ecosystems. Felecia has spearheaded the inclusive innovation and startup movement within the Miami Startup ecosystem focused  on getting marginalized groups to become major players in the innovation economy.


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  1. Chris Birt says:

    When, when, when are we going to connect? This site looks great and, let’s be honest, you haven’t really needed our help yet. You are just SO inspiring.

    We should strategize before X-mas.


  2. Myra B. Leavy Bazemore says:

    Hi Felicia! I am riveted by your website! ~ I am actually end of Baby Boomer according to some and beginning of Generation X according to most.. But I find your site very relevant to me and what I am doing! I just started a business that has really taken off, have written a book and just won a free book publishing, and am looking for help on how to expand.. This site is diamond mine! Thank you!
    Oh ps – my oldest son is your one of your brother’s best friends lol!

    1. ybizbuzz says:

      Myra please call me I want you to be my guest to an event Friday. info@feleciahatcher.com

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