Playing Big is Going to Cost you Something…

Playing BIG is going to cost you something…sometimes a lot of things.

Money, People, clients, supporters, family members, sleep, hair, and most importantly your comfort. You must stay the course! There are people around you right now, challenging your audacity to play big. FUCK THEM! Let them feel what it means when you take up ALL the space in the room, let them suffocate on your excellence, let them be blinded by your shine. Let them choke on the tea they pour hoping they can drink to your failure.

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 9.42.18 AM

There are people that get really upset when they invite you to the rooms, but they don’t actually expect you to ever pull up your chair to the table and ask for the big piece of chicken!!! It’s #BIGAsk Season! Stay whole and let them choke on the scraps they expected you to be happy about! Ha!

So, I have 3 questions for you today …who is that person thats challenging your audacity to play big? 
And…. How are you removing this toxic energy from your life in the new year?
and Most importantly How are you going to take up all the space in the rooms you walk into in 2020?

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