Both Failure and Success are the Result of a Certain State of Mind

I love basketball. I have always loved basketball. I played in high school and skill was very important to a successful game, but something that was also important was my outlook on the game. If I was about to shoot and I said, “I am just going to miss” then my chances of making the basket went down.  Before games I would tell myself that I was going to play awesome and it was going to be the best game of my life! Outlook and positivity were essential to my game. This same outlook has helped me in my successful business!

Your mind is a very powerful thing! The type of outlook you have on your life, your family and your business can determine where your company goes. Do you want to succeed or do you want to fail? Most people would answer that question with, “I want to succeed.” However, when you are thinking about your business, do you find yourself thinking, “it’ll never work” “nobody will like that anyways” “people aren’t going to like me.”  This type of negative thinking will most likely lead to a negative outcome. Your failures are sometimes because you sub consciously believe you are just going to fail.

The people who succeed knew they were going to succeed. They never let people tell them that they weren’t going to become what they wanted to become. Their state of mind was, “I am going to succeed and there is nothing you will say that will change it.” Positive business people are those who think, “this will work” “ everybody is going to like me” “I am going to nail this meeting.”  These are the type of things that can lead to success.  Successful business owners don’t constantly let their weaknesses define them. They are determined to be successful in spite of the weaknesses they may have.

I am sitting here thinking about all of the people who didn’t get to where they wanted in their lives and most of the time it’s because they never thought they could actually do “it” (whatever “it” may be). They continually doubted themselves and their abilities. You are your biggest cheerleader, so if your biggest cheerleader doesn’t even think you can do it, then you just won’t, plain and simple.  An important aspect in success is not only thinking that you will have a lucrative business, but you need to KNOW you are going to succeed. Don’t let people bog you down, but more importantly, don’t let yourself put YOU down.

Negativity can come at any point in your business. It can come in the brainstorming stage, the implementation stage, or it can even come after years of business. Wherever you are in your journey negativity can put you in a world of hurt. Starting now,  no matter where you are, begin to believe in yourself. KNOW that you will become what you have always wanted to become. KNOW that you will succeed. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else will!


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