10 Ways to Create Epic Content that engages

You must Create Epic content or your brand will DIE!

There is absolutely no doubt that good quality content is the key that opens all doors for a successful content marketing campaign.

Everyone knows that good content can open doors for the world to meet your brand, generate leads, reach more people, and position you as an expert on the subject.

However, the internet has no shortage of content and people are constantly uploading more by the minute. So much that you can never read them all.

With that in mind, it is clear that your content has to be better, different, captivating, witty and enticing if you want to be noticed. Furthermore, you have to make sure that people read, watch, pin, and share your content.

To help you with this difficult task, I’ve listed below ten different types of content you can create that will make you more visible, people will like and share whatever you post on your site.


Your visitors are utterly busy, they want to absorb loads of information or entertainment rapidly and effortlessly, this is a reality that we must accept in content marketing. To meet this challenge infographic is your best tool, it can display stats or facts in a format that is readable, visual, and transmit the information or entertainment in a relevant and useful way to your audience. They will surely click the share button if your information or entertainment can touch and impress them. Statistics and infographics are side by sides. Important statistics and data from recent research or your research are shareable because of its interest, and little effort required. Especially if it’s a popular or trending subject, such as political, environmental, or social topics. These stats can be used to form Case Studies that are published in print or online. Success stories regarding people or events that are interesting or able to inspire people.


Our world has so much turmoil, like terrorism, hunger, and war, it is fresh air for most people to see a nice picture of a bouquet of roses, to read a love or a successful business story. Create good quality content that brings inspiration and motivates your audience, then they will enjoy and share your uplifting content with family and friends.

Whenever you want your content to be shared, go with inspirational or motivational content.


Lists give information, are easier to understand and remember. Most importantly they are and should all value to the readers life and when done correctly follow the law of reciprocity. Since the reader received something of value from you, they will feel obligated to reciprocate in the form of social sharing or patronizing your business. It is by far the best type of content for social networks. They can obtain the information while skim reading one article rather than many, and with less time or concentration. The list style is definitely more shareable and allow people to contribute their opinions. That is why very often you see a Upworthy, Thrillist or BuzzFeed Top 5 or Top 10 list.


Audience involvement is extremely effective for social media coverage, and Quizzes are an effective way to encourage the user to participate and contribute to your site. People love to take Quizzes to boost their ego, they will try to ace a test so they can brag about it and share the result on the social network. They can also compare themselves with young and popular television characters that are identical to them.

Daily Candy, Thrillist, and the headdog BuzzFeed successfully entrenched its brand power using quizzes.


If you have a strong opinion or a belief, you can express it to start a discussion or debate, people love to share them because they can add their own opinion and contribute in the comment section.

For greater impact, you can present both sides of the argument to attract more people, that will bring more comments and responses to your argument.

People that are pleased with your content will share it with friends and family, and the friends and family will also contribute to the discussion generating an ongoing participation that will create more content and attract new visitors to your site.


Ten years ago, it was impossible for anyone to imagine that just a photograph with a few words on top of it would become one of the most popular forms of communication on the internet flooding your Instagram feeds.

They are easy, quick to make, require no graphic design skill, and an excellent content creator.

Whenever you want, you can just get on Meme Generator, Canva or Quick Meme and come up with something interesting, funny or useful.

Post it on the major social media channels and, if it clicks with your visitors, it can easily become the most shareable content on your site.


Recently video content became enormously popular because of faster internet connections with unlimited data. People are more comfortable watching video content now than ever before.

It’s a great way to transmit a message or information to your viewers. It may not be suitable for every business, can certainly cost a lot of time and money, however, if it is well made, and provide good valuable information to your audience it can bring you lot of shares and much attention to your brand.


Many people enjoy watching a how-to video or instructional guide. Find things that you can do very well and create content that can teach other people to do the same thing. Details instructions can make a useful blog or a how-to- video. Again, you must always remember that everyone is short on time, so, keep it simple and fast. Also, create a separate introduction video or article to use as a teaser on the social network. Many websites are going viral with very short 30 seconds how -to guides.


Whenever a master in a profession or a subject speaks, people want to know what he is saying and thinking. Use Google hangouts or podcasting and line up interviews, with experts to create good valuable content on the subject and post it on your site. Your visitors will find this great and useful content from an expert they know and respect, then they will gladly read, watch and share it with their friends and family. Podcasting is a remarkable and efficient type of content, because of the capability to download and listen anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Instant Radio Host!!! This makes it possible for a lot of people to consume the content when and where they cannot use a computer or a smart phone, such as in the subway or the gymnasium. Creating a podcast is uncomplicated and your audience will share if it is good and valuable to them. Use tools like Soundcloud, Garageband and even the basic voice recorder on your phone


It is a very good idea to utilize your knowledge for comparing two or more products on a market. Product comparisons can make interesting, engaging, sometime controversal review content. Nowadays to gather information, opinion, and advice people rely heavily on the internet; that is the reason these videos or articles are so effective.

To support their point of view, people that use a specific product which you gave a good review will most likely share your content.

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