Our Education System Sets You up for shitty success?

Our Education System Sets up for Workforce Shitty Success

In high school, we were taught how to fit into the mold of society. We were taught to go after a certain career and we were encouraged to pick a path in life. We learned that we should be seeking to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, or mechanics. We prepared for college (because that is clearly the only option) and if we were lucky we were instructed on how to receive scholarships and grants. We then proudly told our fellow classmates where we got accepted to school. We shared to each other our lofty goals and our ambitious career choices. When we got to college we were super excited to pick our major and then we jumped on the factory line and began hopping through the hoops of life.  All of these hoops just led us into our office job where we sit for the next 50 years. Although there are business classes available. You find yourself fitting into the mold of the college student. But, what if you don’t want to fit into that mold? What if you don’t want to sit in an office for 50 years (or more)?

I am in no way saying that the education system is messed up (haha I actually say that quite often) and they should stop telling kids to pick careers. We do need people to pick careers. We need to have doctors, lawyers, police officers, and dare I say, politicians. However, what if you don’t fit into that mold? What if you don’t want to “work for the man” we should also be informed through our education that being an entrepreneur is also an option.

It is sometimes really hard to think of yourself as an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial. It might be really difficult to think outside of the box. You might think that you are just destined to be working in a cubicle until you get old and gray. The reason that we have so much doubt and struggle with the concept of dreaming is because YOU are literally battling yourself and the world in order to follow your dreams, because your swag is different.

So how do you deal with this current internal battle with yourself? In order to follow your dreams, you are going to have to remove as much of what you have learned and relearn a new way of believing in yourself. You need to teach yourself how you can take your ideas and put something amazing out into the world! It is time to tell yourself that you don’t need to be in the traditional workforce to feel successful. You don’t need to have an MBA to open a business or a ton of money. It is okay to think outside of the box.

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