Ramen Noodle Creativity

Ramen Noodle Creativity

Remember when you were in college and the only thing you had in your cupboard was Ramen noodles? Remember when you would have to think of new recipes to make the boring noodles into a gourmet cuisine? You had to get creative to not get bored of the bland taste. You learned how to add extra seasonings, add vegetables and even add in meat to create a different meal.

In my book I teach my readers about how to harness their Ramen noodle creativity. I help them learn how to use those same creative juices to create a business on a small budget. Creating a business where you don’t have a lot of money or resources can be very difficult.  When you feel like you are lacking in resources and money then it is time to think about how you made Ramen into a gourmet meal. How are you going market your company with little money? How are you going to create a website with a tight budget? These are some of the questions that you need to answer in order to have a successful company when you are pressed for cash.

I am not going to lie and say that having a ramen noodle budget is easy and always fun. Sometimes it can be very difficult. Sometimes living on such a small budget can be taxing. However, starting a business where you have very little funds is possible and you can succeed. You need to bring back the scrappy noodle maker in order to reach your full potential.

It is a misnomer that you need tons of money to be successful in business. In fact, many of the most profitable companies started out in a garage. Some of the most well known entrepreneurs had to live on friend’s couches in order to survive. You don’t need to spend millions to make millions. You will need to spend some money. You will need to buy equipment, you have website costs, business cards and inventory. Although you need to purchase several things to get started on a business you need to learn how to buy necessary items without spending tons of money. You can create your own website to save money, you can find coupons on business cards and create products in your garage, so you don’t have to purchase a workspace until you can afford a location.

There are many ways in which you can save money. Think about the items that you need in your business that are going to be expensive and then think about all of the things in your company that you are able to cut costs. In each business there are ways that people can create a more budget friendly environment. What will cost you the most in your business? Are you able to pay less than what is expected?

You will have to get super creative while you are beginning your journey. Find free or reduced resources, clip coupons, do as much work as you can by yourself, ask friends and family for free labor, work out of your garage, eat Ramen noodles, and cancel some of your luxuries (i.e. cable, Netflix, gym memberships). When you are thinking about cutting costs you should be thinking about how you can cut costs in your personal life as well as your business life. In the beginning, your business crosses paths on a regular basis with your personal life.

Don’t let the fear of money stop you from achieving your dreams. If everybody stopped trying to fulfill their goals because they didn’t feel like they had enough money then there would be many companies that wouldn’t be around today. Most companies don’t begin with a huge budget. You are not alone if you are starting your business on a meager amount of money.


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