Done is Better Than Perfect

This world is not perfect. You are not perfect. Your idea may be great, but it is not perfect. There are flaws in literally every aspect of every industry all around the world. Your business is not perfect. There is no perfect business in the entire world. Every company has room for improvement. When you are thinking about your idea, you believe that you need everything to be perfect before you begin. You keep on putting off your dreams, because everything isn’t “just right.” I hate to break it to you, but if you are waiting for perfection then you are going to be waiting for a long time. In fact, I think it is a safe to say that you will never try to open up your business if you are seeking for perfection. You will always just be waiting and waiting for the right moment.

When you are in a class and you have a research paper to turn in and you know that it is a huge chunk of your grade you want it to be perfect, right? Well, it isn’t going to be perfect. You might be able to expand on different sections, or you could possibly have a stronger argument. It isn’t going to be perfect. It might be hard to turn in an assignment that could use some improvements. But what is better, turning in the paper or just not turning it in because you know it isn’t perfect? Most people would say it’s better to turn in the assignment finished rather than seeking for perfection. This same thought process should be used for your business idea.

You don’t need to have the perfect business plan, the perfect location, the perfect finances, or the perfect life situation to get started. By saying, “I would start my business but…” you give yourself reasons to not start.  Your goal for perfect starts sounding like just an excuse rather than a legitimate reason. The most successful people in the world didn’t wait for the perfect moment to start, they just decided to start! They knew that “done is better than perfect.”

The great thing about business is that nobody expects your business to be flawless. They will expect reliability, communication and honesty! All of your employees, suppliers, investors and customers know that people are not without faults and due to this they know that the company will make mistakes. It is how you respond to the mistakes that set you apart from your competition. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in your company. There is no shame in having a misstep. You are human. Even your business side is still human. We were all born to trip up and that’s how we learn. I don’t walk into an establishment and leave because it’s imperfect. I walk into an establishment and notice all of the things that they are doing right. The companies that have actually secured my undying loyalty are the businesses that have made mistakes and have handled them wonderfully. I know that I can trust them if something else goes wrong.

If you are waiting for perfect then you are never going to get to the place where you want. You are never going to fulfill your dreams, you will never make your ideas a reality and you will never leave your 9-5 job. You will also be unhappy in your mediocre life. The best time to start your dream is NOW! The best time is not tomorrow, in a month, when the weather gets better, the best time is today! Don’t just go rouge and quit your job, but start making honest and forceful steps to getting a better life. Don’t seek for perfect, or you will always be searching.

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