The Finish Line Won’t Appear at the Starting Line

The Finish Line Won’t Appear at the Starting Line

You don’t have to have every step of your business idea worked out.  Often, people believe that since they don’t have tons of money and they don’t have a step-by-step game plan, that they aren’t ready to launch their business. Instead of starting the first step in your business, because you aren’t sure every step of your business plan, you decide to not do any of it. And you remain in the same place year after year.

Have you ever met somebody who is constantly talking about all of their plans for their life? I had a friend who had big dreams! He talked about how he was going to open a business and was going to be shortly making well over six-figures. He said he might become a pilot, or maybe open a pool business with his best friend, and then he talked about maybe he would open up a franchise of his favorite restaurant. Every day it was a new dream and yet he was still not doing anything about it. Two years later, he was still in the same spot. I think we all know the person who wants to be a millionaire and make tons of money, but then they aren’t willing to try for their dreams! They are just sitting on a lounge chair at the starting line and talking about how amazing it will be to cross the finish line someday. They are the people who are watching the hard working runners push themselves on the brink of death to cross the finish line and then while they are still sitting on their lounge chair they say, “oh my gosh I am so jealous they just crossed the finish line. They are so lucky. That is my dream”  We all know somebody who wants to cross the finish line, but isn’t willing to work to cross the line.

Heck, YOU may be the person who is just sitting on the lounge chair! What are your goals? What is your big dream? Are you actually working towards your goal? I know several people who want to become doctors, lawyers, pilots, nurses etc, but they keep on putting off school. Well, you are never going to be a doctor without school, so you can kiss that goal goodbye!  Maybe your goal is to drop your 9-5 job and create an online presence through a blog, business or tangible product. You don’t need a step-by-step process to become a billionaire one day. You need to just know how to begin, decide to put your foot out the door and start the race. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. If you were to just make ONE product, or create a website for your business, you will already be ahead of most, because you have actually started making moves towards your goal. Just build a trial product to get yourself into the game and you have already put yourself ahead of all of the people sitting back at the finish lines in their lounge chairs.

You don’t need to know how to cross the finish line right now, to start the race. Start now by building your website, or by finding a location for your business. It is time to take action instead of continually hoping that your dreams just fall into your lap. Every person who is successful, had a dream and they knew that they had to work hard to achieve that dream. Their biggest mistake would have been to just sit on the lounge chair.

Nothing is free in this world. Success is not handed to us. We can’t just sit back and hope that money falls in our laps. More people are buying lottery tickets then starting their business, because they want all of the money with none of the work!

Start TODAY! The finish line won’t come closer and it won’t magically appear at the starting line. Get off that lounge chair and run that race!

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