Think Big Start Small

Think Big Start Small

You Don’t have to Spend Millions to Make Millions

It is a myth that you HAVE to have a million dollars to start a successful company.  You may believe that you don’t have enough money to start a company and so you either lower your goals, or you decide not to have goals at all! It is very important to always dream BIG.  Think about all of the goals that you want to achieve and really visualize where you want your company, business or product to go. Think about the lifestyle you’ll have once you have made it to your goal? Dream big! That’s how you are successful when you have loft goals and want to achieve those goals. However, it is essential to be practical about the method to your goal.

Starting TOO big can be a costly mistake for any new business.  New business owners are attracted to the attractive offers that many people can give them. There are people who can create personalized websites and Ecommerce pages, there are fancy brick and morder offices that would be just “perfect” for your new business and getting a new and fancy car would certainly make your clients believe that you were successful, right? This is such a common mistake. People are so convinced that “you have to spend money to make money” that they don’t understand that it never says, “you have to spend tons of money that you don’t have, to make money.” If there is a chance to save money and buy a cheap “theme” for your website and then design it yourself, then do that! Try finding a cheaper place to work rather than that expensive office space, heck, many of the most successful people started out their business in their garages. Find as many ways as you can to cut back on expenses!

How to Save Money in Your Business

  1. Create your own website for your business: You can easily set-up your own website by purchasing a web domain and hosting for rather cheaply. You can then purchase a pre-designed theme for your website and then you just need to add your information in the slots. You can also download free plug-ins to help give your website everything it needs to be considered a legitimate business.
  2. Try Free Things First: It is very tempting to jump straight into your business and begin by purchasing the best of the best email subscription platforms, welcome mats and all of the bells and whistles. Every successful person uses them, so you should too right? Well, not necessarily. There are many wonderful and perfectly acceptable auto-responders out there that are free. You don’t have to purchase the $100 a month teleconferencing software when there are free platforms that would be just as good for your starting business. Try to use free things first.
  3. Ask for Interest Before Jumping in:  There was this woman who I came across who decided she was going to build an online business where she was going to teach teens all of the things they should know to be an adult. Her mission statement, “I want to teach teens how to do their taxes, balance a check book, fix a car and help them with dating.” This was quite the ridiculous online presence she was trying to create, especially since she had no education in any of the fields she was claiming to be expert in. She was hard at work on this website. The sad part, she hadn’t ever asked anybody if this was something they would be interested in. In fact, when she finally created her website she found that literally not one teen was coming to her for her help and not one adult was asking her to help with their teen. She was trying to solve a problem that nobody thought needed to be solved. This poor woman lost money and time because she didn’t even ask people if they were interested in such a thing.

Always dream BIG but think small!

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