Stop Dreaming and Start Moving

Stop Dreaming and Start Moving

Move Forward on Your Dream


We all have ideas and many of our ideas are great. Heck, many of our ideas could make us successful and rich, but they are worthless if we don’t implement them. What is stopping us from achieving that goal of ours? We are! We are busy thinking about how amazing it would be to write a successful book or start an incredibly impressive business, but then we grab a bag of chips and sit on the couch. All of a sudden, that idea stays just that, an idea. The idea will never be put into action while we are watching television.  There might be many reasons why we don’t start moving; it could be that we are lazy or that we don’t have faith in ourselves to be something bigger than we are. Most of us don’t like the typical 9-5 job, but we don’t think there is ever a chance that we can get out and have the freedom we long for. We keep on dreaming, because we know there is no way that we are going to fulfill our dreams. It is fun to think about all of our possibilities in this world; what we can become, who we can become and what we will achieve. However, it is sometimes not as fun putting in the work to achieve those goals.


So how do you stop dreaming and start moving?

  1. Accept Responsibility: Stop complaining about the fact that your life isn’t better. Your life isn’t where you want it to be, because you aren’t taking the steps necessary to achieve your goals and make your ideas actions. Stop looking at other people’s lives and wishing that was yours, it could be your life if you weren’t just sitting there eating that bag of chips watching life pass you by. Most people who have the life you want are the people who were willing to put their ideas into action. They put it on paper and worked their tail off until they achieve their goals.
  2. Don’t Let Your Flaws Stop You:  It is very easy to tell yourself that you can’t do something because of your weaknesses. Maybe you find yourself to be a little unorganized and so you believe you would never be a good business owner. Letting this weakness take over your mentality will stop you from becoming your full potential. Instead of giving up you should improve your weakness and turn it into a strength. Don’t let your weakness be a crutch to your full potential.
  3. Choose Your Friends and Get Rid of Waste:  People are really quick to be negative about your dream. They might tell you to give up before you even start. They will tell you that it isn’t possible, or that you are never are going to be successful. Some of these people might even be your family, you need to learn to ignore them! Spend as much time with people who are supportive. Being around positive people will help you to get off you butt and start making moves.
  4. Layout your Plan for Success: Dreaming is easy, action is difficult! The most important part to taking action is to map out exactly what your plan is to achieve your goal. Grab a piece of paper right now and plan out exactly how you are going to make it to your goal. Create a list of how to make it to your goal and then create a schedule in which you are going to stand by.


Everybody has a dream, but different human attributes contribute to us not ever achieving our dream. We often times prevent ourselves from making our ideas into actions, because we can’t get moving past the thinking stage and onto the doing stage.




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