Get Rid of the Head Junk

What is Head Junk?

Head Junk is stuff in your head that is worthless and is filling valuable space that could be used for useful stuff! Head junk can also mean negative thoughts and feelings from the people around you and even your own negativity. I will specifically be talking about the stuff that your family, friends and associates fill your head with about how “you won’t make it” “it’ll never work” and that “you will fail.”

Why is Head Junk bad?

There are three HUGE reasons as to why you need to get rid of head junk and why it can be detrimental to your success.

  1. Lowers Your Confidence: The things people say really screw with your confidence. If somebody every day told you that you were not smart, then you would start thinking that. You absorb their words and it would start determining your actions. You start believing that you are not smart.  This same goes with business, if somebody tell you every day that you are not going to make it, then you might start being less and less confident with yourself and your abilities.
  2. Slows Down Your Dreams: Head Junk can slow you down. When you are trying to start a business and become successful then the last thing you need is to be slowed down. Time is money, right? So, if you are letting this head junk fill your thoughts it will determine your actions. You might not want to wake up in the morning and seize every hour of the day. You might want to hold off your dreams  until you are “more prepared” or you might just not want to complete your dreams at all!
  3. Never Let’s You Achieve Your Full Potential: If somebody you that you were “bad at math” then when it comes time for the math test then you might not try your hardest. Why try to do your best if you stink at math? This same logic can be applied to every facet of life. If somebody told you that you are a bad business person and you will never be a good entrepreneur then you might not want to even try your idea. You might miss a huge opportunity to be your own boss, because you were listening to these people filling your head with junk!

How to get rid of head junk?

  1. Ignore Them: The best way to not let head junk bother you is to just ignore them. I know it is hard sometimes. I have let people get to me many times. However, I am so glad I didn’t listen to my haters! Look where I am now! Nobody can tell you who you are. Nobody can tell you whether or not you will succeed. If it’s not positive then throw it out!
  2. Remind Yourself that You Are Fucking Awesome: You are totally awesome! Of course, through your journey of being an entrepreneur you are going to figure out that you aren’t amazing at everything. You are human, so you are going to have weaknesses. That is okay if you find something you need to work on. However, don’t ever tell yourself that the weakness will prevent you from succeeding. Tell yourself that you will turn that weakness into your strength.
  3. Help it Encourage You to Prove them Wrong:  Sometimes those haters actually encouraged me to do better. I wanted to succeed so that I could go back and rub it in their faces particularly my old high school guidance counselor. Jim Abbot was a professional pitcher in Major League Baseball. He is unique because he only has one hand. When he was in high school his baseball coach told him that he would never make it in the big leagues. Once he made it all the way he sent his coach a video of his no hitter.  This is the same type of mind set you should have. Make sure your haters become your motivators.

Get rid of the head junk so you can fill your head with positive thoughts that can help you succeed!

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