Check out the FOCUSED-Weekly Action Planner for Driven Entrepreneurs

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Check out my new planner called the FOCUSED Weekly Strategic Action Planner! Its  for Driven Entrepreneurs.  Finally, a strategic planner to help you do and organize your epic shit. This is the exact system I have used over the years as an entrepreneur, author, mom and wife. I lost a ton of money and missed huge opportunitities in the early years simply because I was not organized. Finally I had to do something about it. So I created this outline in a notebook every Monday morning I would do a brain dump, put $$$ signs by all the things I knew that as soon as I completed them it would bring me money (we all know money is a motivator) I would also outline 3 BIG Goals from my brain dumb to tackle for the week, outline my content creation strategy for the week and list my output for the week, (cold calls, proposals etc.) and most importantly my follow up plans

Listen!!!! TO-Do List don’t mean a thing without strategy!!!!

Visit my website feleciahatcher.comor go directly to to get yours today. For a limited time I’m offering the the electronic version free with the purchase of a physical planner.

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