The Art of Having Problems

Felecia Hatcher Platform Summit

Everyone has limits. Our resources are limited, where we were born and to whom; challenges at every turn, businesses and individual entities always working against you. Your boss is a master jackass, your co-founder takes more then they give. All systems are on the blink and you have a splitting headache.

But just like there are plenty of problems, there are also plenty of opportunities. Opportunity and limits are always on the horizon. Our actions and attitude are shaped by the one we choose to concentrate on and put our energy into. Is the sum of your day formed by the limits you’re battling with, those around you that aren’t reliable and the heavy, daily challenges you face?

Our focus always tends to be directed towards the problems that pop up here and there instead of concentrating on the positive options that are available to us. Many times when small obstacles arise we feel like it will swallow us whole because we are comparing it to the present and not the totality of our lives.  Problems will always come up at one time or another, so they can’t be done away with altogether.

Doesn’t this present a great opportunity to do something that really makes a difference? Creating resources ripe for leveraging and creative concepts ready to be adopted.  You have the opportunity to be generous and give something away something more then money, try to make something already existing much better and share with others. Put your talents and gifts out to the world I promise they will come back to you!

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