What the Most Successful People in Miami Do Before Breakfast


What the Most Successful People in Miami Do Before Breakfast

My Jamaican grandfather’s favorite quote, “Early to Bed, Early to Rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” but according to Cafecito, Miamians need a coffee break at 3:05pm just to get through the day. So I decided to crowd source fellow entrepreneurs and successful business professionals in Miami about what they do before breakfast. SPOILER ALERT!!! Most of them hit the ground running before 8am.

Create List for the day

Merdochey LaFrance Chief Executive Officer at Taylormade Strategies, LLC

Every morning, I create my SMITTD List “Six Most Important Things To Do.” It centers me and gives me a target to work towards daily. I eliminate wasting time by knowing exactly what I have to have accomplished daily. When I can celebrate productivity daily that puts me closer to accomplishing my goals, so I’m #winning.

Dawrance Constant – AIO wireless franchise owner

I envision what a successful day looks like and then I plan for it via a mind mapping app on my iPad.


Stonly Baptise EVP & Member, Board of Directors at independence IT

I think through the potential challenges of the day while swimming.

James Taylor – CEO of Taylored Athletes– I play basketball at 6am with other entrepreneurs and we talk smack and talk business on the court.

 Feed the Body

Brian Brackeen Founder of KARIOS.IO  Eat! It’s bad business when I forget.

Riana Lynn Social Entrepreneur I set an alarm 1 hour earlier than I absolutely need to get up. I get through emails, my schedule, and I drink lots of water.


Pam Bruno Comedian – I meditate, and then write on my Gratitude list at least 10 things I am grateful for.

Simone Kelly Founder Give-N-Take Network- I meditate and write in my journal as soon as I wake up.


Get Straight to Work

Indie Craft Bazaar Every morning, we go to Starbucks and use it as “office hours.” Rather than gluing ourselves to the computer behind four walls and losing motivation, being out in public and enjoying coffee keeps our work experience fresh and dynamic. We bring our laptop and iPad and dedicate a couple hours to answering emails, paperwork, research and social media marketing.

Tasha Jones ·

I am a writer. I awake every morning at 3:30am when the house is quiet! My morning ritual is simple, I sit and wait until the silence is at its peak, and then words come clashing like cymbals and I hear the drums playing the set list. It’s then that the writing begins, and that’s my morning cup of Joe!

If you are looking for a way to jump start your day and meet other creative types check out the upcoming  CreativeMornings event.

Creative Mornings is a breakfast series for the creative community was started by Tina Roth Eisenberg in September of 2008 out of the desire to create a casual, accessible event. Think of it as a local morning mini-conference and inspirational community boost before work

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