Top Business Tips for Women CEO’s to keep their sanity


My  top business tips for women CEO’s to keep their sanity

1. There is no such thing as Work/Life Balance so stop clicking your heels Dorothy! Pick the things that are most important to you and build your business around  the life you want to live. If you are truly living your passion you will have no need for work life balance because you will be able to align everything in your life.

2. Always think about scaling your business. Women start businesses more then ever before but a large amount never move to a point where they have employees. No matter if you want to eventually sell your business or keep it in your family build it as if you were going to sell it. So that you put the proper processes in place from day 1.

3. Pick the price you are willing to pay for success, and if it ever gets more expensive then the price you set Get Out! I heard that quote from Dave Chapelle and it was life changing. If the sacrifice of losing friends, or losing money and sleep to follow your dream becomes too big that it threatens your health that’s when you know its time to get out.

4. Delegate more! In order to grow more strategically.

5. I have a business that makes me happy and makes other people happy, while introducing them to a unique and healthy dessert experience. I own the company with my husband and we have built something that allows us to design our life, so that we can travel, and speak to students promoting tech and entrepreneurship in underserved communities, add and subtract flavors when every I want. I say all that to tell you to focus not so much on building a big company but building a great company that focuses on the triple bottom line People, Planet and Profits but for women I also like to add Self, as women we need to be a little more selfish (For our sanity).

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