Sometimes you MUST Disrupt your goals



Sometimes goals have to cancel themselves out in order to catapult you into success. Look at Apple, when they came out with the iPod they completely revolutionized the digital music market. But they practically crushed the sales of the iPod when they came out with the iPod Nano and then practically wiped out the ipod sales when they came out with the iPhone. Crushing one aspect of their business led the way to not only a profitable platform for selling music, leader in mobile phones,  but also selling apps and creating and leading a whole new digital space that their competitors are still trying to emulate.

On the flip side let’s look at Kodak, who was once a leader in the film and photography products industry. They did not want to disrupt their film sales when consumers started leaning towards digital. They thought it was a fad… Kodak went from being the top photography company to bankruptcy because they didn’t want to disrupt their business model by switching to digital as the world rapidly changed around them.

The goal and vision that I had for Feverish 6 years ago is completely different then how the business operates today. I had to be willing to disrupt some of my goals and keep my ear to the ground as my customers wants and needs changed, as technology and the world changed. Don’t despair when you have to disrupt or pivot a certain goal, take the time to reflect on it instead, learn the lesson, improve and move on. The key is to Fail Fast, Fail forward and keep pushing!

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