Tell your Failure Story!

I challenge you to share your failure story! Over the past year, I have traveled to London, Jamaica and across the US telling people about my failure story and challenging others to tell me about theirs. Why? Because I believe that darkness motivates us just as much and if not more then light.

In our community it is almost taboo to talk about failure especially in business. Many business owners give up because they think they are so alone when they fail. Mostly due to the fact that the true stories of what it takes to grow a business are often never shared in the media. Everyone and everything is painted as an overnight success, or self made man or dare I say it “Luck”

What about the day your cash cow client leaves and you can’t make payroll, or the day your personal bank account hits negative $2000 and you have to face the fact that following your dreams with kill you financially. How did the Oprah’s, Richard Branson, Sarah Blakely’s and the Bob Johnsons of the world really overcome those dark days? Where is that article on Here is a video where I talk about one of my dark days. We all need to have a very candid talk about our past failure stories in order to empower other fellow entrepreneurs that failure is a part of the process and if you trust the process you can and will bounce back.

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  1. StephB says:

    Early in my blogging phase, I wrote a story about my failure as a Professional Recruiter. Interestingly enought it had nothing to do with my sales ability and everything to do with my phase in life at that time, maturity level, lack of encouragement at home and most of all FEAR OF FAILURE! It was the greatest lesson of my life and one that I’ve been able to learn from. The interesting part is that I went on to be a very successful career counselor and then a successful sales professional in very tough environments. I’m now writing about those experiences and focusing on being published. Thanks for encouraging others to discuss failure! I would love to talk.

    1. feleciahatcher says:

      Hey StephB let me know if you need any pointers on getting a publishing deal. I currently have one and can tell you the good, bad and the ugly.

      1. StephB says:

        I can guarantee you that the pointers will be necessary. I believe that you should never reinvent the wheel or be afraid to ask for perspective, so I’ll be reaching out real soon!

  2. Torin Ellis says:

    Apparently your highly talented and well meaning guidance counselor (failed) in “predictive analysis.” Congratulations to you on all that you have and will achieve!

    1. feleciahatcher says:

      Thank you Torin!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. As new business owner this was my fear “failing” and this articles in no way states that I won’t. However, it encourages me to stay on course and to not give up just because there is a set back. But I agree that there should be more openness about failing and recovering and the deception of how it easy it was.

    1. feleciahatcher says:

      Hey Kendall,
      A setback is a set up for a comeback. I think we really have to redefine what success and failure look like. For me because of everything I have been through I am not afraid to at least try. Failure for me is when I set a goal and don’t even attempt to make it happen. Greatness is promised to you! Don’t not follow your dreams because of the little voice inside your head that tells you that you can’t because deserve success.

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