Stop hustling and start acting like a CEO!

So in the past few months things have been crazy for Feverish we’ve brought on investors, formed a new joint venture, and opened a new store with very aggressive growth plans. All the while I’ve had 3 mini break downs and a burnout sessions in addition to being weeks away from turning 30 and all the life evaluation that brings.

I say all that to share  2 conversations I recently had about transitioning from being a bootstrapping minimal viable product,  keep all cost down,  take every opportunity, create every opportunity, be everywhere do everything hustle, hustle, hustle hard mentality AND you need to MOVE towards a visionary big picture, strategic moves, spend money to make money, spend money to gain time, forward thinking CEO.

Lets just say I’m listening but kicking and screaming as I am being dragged along with this new approach.

I’ve heard the statistics that many companies don’t grow because they fail to move past the single owner.

When she told me I need to stop hustling I was like what do you mean? All I know is hustle, scrappy hustle.  I know I want to retire young but I am no where close to where I think I should be to sustain a retirement.  I really feel like all I know is hustle. Was Ace Hood wrong?

She said you can’t have a hand and foot in every aspect of your business and keep an eye on expansion. You have to starting feel confident in your team and employees and hire the right people to activate your dreams so you have the time and energy to dream bigger. The parts of your business that you are stressed about about are easy fixes and should not be any of your concern. I’m not saying that you have to stop working hard, heck your job is not going to get easier but you can’t “Wash dishes and build the house.” Where you are trying to go is not going to happen if you keep the mentality of a bootstrapper. There is a point when you have to stop embracing that. Its no longer a Badge of honor its starting to hurt you. You can’t expand past one store if you are the store.

Don’t stop hustling in the instance of working hard
Stop husting in the actions of trying to do everything and be everything.  Be confidence that you have built something great and empower people to become hustlers.

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  1. shelley says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog! I too woukd like to start some businesses hut proceastinatikn and fear of failure can be some great obstacles!

  2. shelley says:

    Oops forgot to spell ckeck! I meant ‘but procrastination’

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