What obstacles do you face as a BFE?


I was recently asked a question for a feature article, that I have been asked a few times before but never really knew the right way to answer the question…

As a Black woman, what are some obstacles you face in business?

I wanted to share my radically honest answer….

Most of my customers don’t look like me and because of that I don’t usually look like a business owner to them. So I get the double takes when I say I am the owner, or they talk to my employees and not me. It used to bother me, I mean it used to deeply bother me. But one of the best lessons that I have learned is that you can’t have an ego when running a business.  If there are any limits put on me as a black female entrepreneur its the limits that I put on myself or the lines that I tell myself that I am not allowed to cross because of my race. I refuse to operate my life or my business like that.

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  1. Bombshell says:

    I get the same reactions too!! It can be annoying at times especially when they they go on to say oh I thought it would be the guy! Lol just have to learn to swallow your pride!

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