Building Your Brand: Small Business Lessons from Lady Gaga

From the surface, it may seem like celebrities have it all. The money, the fame, the fortune, the clothes, the talent! But, at the end of the day, today’s most well-known divas still face the challenge of running and maintaining a business to keep that fame in check. Lady Gaga, for instance, has taught the lesson that a brand doesn’t only have to do with a logo, a look, or a product. Personality is key in the world of big business, and interactions with customers and fans can boost your popularity as easily as a flashy logo or a purple wig can. Here are five small business lessons that Lady Gaga can teach us, which can come in handy to any entrepreneur.

Be Touchable

No, this doesn’t mean wear expensive fur coats and soft velvet pants! Being touchable means getting in touch with your customers and fan base, both online and outside of the Web. Even a busy celebrity like Lady Gaga has time to update her Twitter and Facebook nearly five times a day, posting pictures and little inspirational memos that her fans take to heart. Not only does she announce upcoming projects and tour dates, she thanks her “little monsters” for supporting her in everything that she does.

Stand for Something

Lady Gaga is the perfect example for a term called “story-selling”. Without a passionate message, a business could easily flop, even if the product is of top of the line quality. Having a message and a reason to be starting and operating a business is what really touches people’s hearts and encourages them to support you in your endeavors. Lady Gaga has become a major supporter of gay-rights and anti-bullying campaigns, leading her fans to feel she is extremely relatable because they have been through similar experiences. Having something to stand for is of major importance when dealing with business.

Create a Community

Marketing may be helpful, but really engaging with customers is how businesses stay relevant. This doesn’t necessarily mean sending updates five times a day, or emails every single week. Entrepreneurs want to keep their customers interested, without seeming annoying! Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to post tips, links, videos and more to educate customers on a product or business can be an extremely effective way of keeping people interested. People will be checking back to see the progress you’ve been making and the advice you have for them!

Be Authentic

Gimmicks and flashy ads may draw customers in and get them interested in a business or product, but it won’t keep them there for long. Any small business needs to be genuine, and have a unique style and personality about them. Customers and fans will respond and become a follower of the business, instead of just checking in once and letting your idea drift from their minds. Lady Gaga has an insane, creative look about her…but it’s not just a character she markets! In her own words, she stated, “Gaga’s always been who I am. Me and my hair bow, we go to bed together. She sleeps where I sleep.” Loyal fans know that she means what she says in her lyrics and her message, and that is an important lesson to take from her booming business.

Although Lady Gaga seems larger than life, she grounds herself and relates to her fans, reminding them that she is just a normal person who did the right things to get where she is now. Taking these lessons to heart is important for any new entrepreneur or small business owner, who may not want to gather a following as crazy as “little monsters”, but want to keep their customers involved and interested, and always waiting for more.

Article written by James Bird Guess for The full article can be found here.

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