Pimp My Resume

So I am in the process of turning my workshop Pimp My Resume into a book I am super excited to share this book with you in a few weeks! I was at a conference this weekend and walked around a room where a career fair was taking place. I saw all these bright eyed college students turn in resumes that all look the same the recruiters. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves to witness the exchange of a boring resume. So I have a question for you…. How can you write in your cover letter that you think outside the box, or you are a creative thinker and you turn in the same white piece of paper with boring words on it like everyone else. I can’t wait to see someone turn in a resume on hot pink paper don’t you think that would get their attention? What do have to lose? Interject your personality or heck any personality into your resume and make it stand out. I am not just talking about changing the font. Do something crazy!


What’s the worst that can happen? You lose a job that you didn’t have or better yet you grab their attention and you snag the interview…

Check out this site for some inspiration:




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