I am being honored at the…WHITE HOUSE!!!

Yeah I can't believe it either! Thank you everyone for your support over the years! This is beyond awesome!!!!It's funny to think...How do you go from your high school guidance counselor telling you that you would never make it to college to building a company that is being honored at the White House????? Oh Mrs. L if only I could find you and thank you for your words of encouragement. LOLSo yes we have been named to the Empact 100 List and so excited to be in such great company. Its a list of the 100 Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in the US that have impacted the business world and also their communities. The best part is.... going to the White House to be honored how sick it that. I can't wait to post pictures!!!!!!Honorees have been invited to take part in a recogntion event on the afternoon of Thursday, November 17 at the White House with senior administration officials. The event will be broadcast live at Whitehouse.gov.Empact 100 email

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