Don’t cry to give up…cry to keep going!

Don’t Cry to give up…cry to keep Going. Think about it, you are already feeling the pain, you’ve already sacrificed why not see it through and get a reward for it?

I recently came across this video on youtube by Eric Thomas. He ‘s called the Hip Hop Preacher and has a video called the Secrets of Success. His approach is different his story is amazing and the first time I watched this video I was so stressed out from working on a project that had me backed against the wall, I  needed a push to keep going so I typed in the word “Motivation” in youtube and this video brought me to tears. He touches on a lot of points but a few things stuck out to me about how far are we willing to go to achieve our goals. We all want success, but wanting it as much as you want to breathe is a level that most wont push themselves too.  When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful. Most people don’t  really want success you just kind of want it….if you want to be successful you have to be willing to sacrifice like never before.

This brings me back to playing basketball in high school and going through practice my coach Lisa Johnson would run us to death.  Most practices we never even touched a ball. I remember reaching the point of throwing up during one of the first practices and being almost in tears from the pain. It seemed like my life would be over but, she forced me to push through the pain. I remember her saying “Go ahead and throw up” Thinking I would get a break and hide away in the bathroom, “then come back and run extra for leaving my practice” I pushed through the pain, she didn’t allow us to give up even when the score was 89-10 we pushed through the pain. Those points when you are at your weakest you have to have someone in your corner to push you past the pain.  Weather it be a drill sergeant/basketball coach or a youtube video who’s in your corner? Please leave your comments I’d love to hear what you think about Eric Thomas.

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  1. Andy Singh says:

    I found this video a good few years ago and it helped me through my dark hours at uni when I thought I won’t be able to graduate. I followed his advice – 2 hours sleep a week, lived in the library and ate cereal bars and walked out with a very good degree.

    Eric Thomas is brilliant!

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