Are you Sleeping past your opportunities…

I came across this quote on twitter today from @mrshadeed:
Are you willing to tell Sleep: “We’ve had a great run together, but we need to see other people” in order to reach your goal?” My mother for years has been telling me I need to get my 8 hours I usually get 4 and take Monday’s off and sometimes get 8. But over the years I have found that my best inspiration comes late at night I get most of my work done at 1 and 2 am I almost feel like if I sleep too long I might miss something. i know that sounds crazy but think of it this way while most people in the US are sleeping you have people wide awake on the other side of the world thinking of ways to steal business away from us. Whatever your goals are in life you have to want them like your life depended on it because it does! People who want million dollar homes and successful careers have to take the word tired out of your vocabulary it just can’t exist in the same space as success.

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  1. Florence Swaby says:

    Felecia-you are on target when you talk about sleeping too much or sleeping too late. In the Bible, Proverbs say -” How long will you sleep you sluggard.” I once heard Oprah saying most night she gets 4 hours of sleep. Remember, no matter what the body needs sleep!

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