My Top 5 Social Entrepreneurs That Are Shaping the World

You hear about a lot of entrepreneurs making unimaginable amounts of money these days, but we don’t often hear about the ones that also try to make a difference in their community or the world  by helping the underprivileged. I hope that as you are building your business you find some inspiration on how you can build a profitable business but also make the world a better place. Making money is nothing to object against, especially when one does it in a self-less way and tries to help those in need. It just makes us want to emulate the best characteristics of that person so that maybe someday we can be like them too.  Over the next 2 weeks I am going to highlight my list of the top 5 social entrepreneurs that are shaping the world.

First up….

TOMS Shoes

Black Mycoskie is the Founder of TOMS shoes, their mission is simple for every pair of shoes sold by his company, Blake donates a pair to the kids in disadvantaged area. TOMS has given over 600,000 pairs of shoes to impoverished children across the world where his company organizes “Shoe Drops”. He came up with this idea when he was went to Argentina in 2006 and realized what hardships children were facing growing up barefoot. This is where his philanthropist personality emerged, and he created the One to One movement.  I currently own 2 pairs of his shoes and it’s as simple as making a purchase you are helping his organization to fight a global problem. I love this mission he  has really spearheaded the One for One movement and their have been many other organizations pop up using this same model. Next up Hello Rewind

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    I delight in the info on your site. Thanks a bunch!

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