I almost Quit Feverish Ice Cream…

Man this video is awesome and was the inspiration for my blog post today! I just saw it Sunday night and I know that this is an old video but it has meaning far beyond basketball. As a business owner I have had to overcome many challenges and a few times I strongly considered throwing in the towel at Feverish because it got too hard and I knew I could earn money going back to marketing and not have to work so hard. I’ll be the first to tell you that owning a business is the hardest most reward experience of my life. I talk to people young and old that want to start their own business but they are scared of the work and sacrifice…

When I first started I truly underestimated the amount of sacrifice that it takes to own a business, to follow a dream…this video really made me stop in my tracks, I’ve watched it 11 times and even watched the remix.

I usually like to live by this quote “Celebrate your success for you and only you know your struggles” because we often see people in places and wish that we could have what they have or be where they are but the words sacrifice and struggle both come before the words success. Sure they are ugly words, heck I despise them at times but I’ve learned no matter how much talent and luck you have you still have to work hard. The people we currently look up to they make it look easy Michael Jordan made every free throw, slam dunk and ankle breaking cross over look so damn effortless but he made it to where he is one shot at a time with lots of failures along the way. With great risk comes great reward, but you will never see the reward if you don’t take the first step!

Fear is the main reason we don’t become successful so I challenge you today to….
Look beyond your limits and rise to your potential-

Don’t be afraid of staying up until 5am working on my idea only to wake up at 7am because you have to work a 9-5

Dont be afraid if your bank account hit $0 because you needed to buy that extra foot of fabric to make a mock up to pitch to a potential client.

Don’t be afraid to sleep in a car for 6 months because you believe so much in your screen play you used all your money to drive to LA.

Don’t be afraid to get that pink slip, because you have been day dreaming for 2 years about leaving to start your own marketing company.

Don’t be afraid to quit your “safe” job because your dreams are so much bigger then your cubicle. With the way the economy is no job is safe!

Don’t just strive to be successful become legendary!

Michael Jordan Video Transcript-

Maybe it’s my fault.
Maybe I let you to believe it was easy, when it wasn’t.
Maybe I made you think my highlights started at the free throw line, and not at the gym.
Maybe I made you think that every shot I took, was a game winner.
That my game was built on flash, and not fire.
Maybe it’s my fault that you didn’t see that failure gave you strength.That my pain, was my motivation.
Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God-given gift, and not something I worked for every single day of my life.
Maybe I destroyed the game.
Or maybe, you’re just making excuses.
Become legendary.

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