Owning your name online is big business!

I met a guy when I was working on the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour who said his friend had made millions by purchasing domains about all kinds of stuff, and actually his big thing now is if he meets someone or even their new born child he goes home and purchases their name as a domain and waits for people to buy it back from him. Crazy huh? Not really I own 62 domains mostly of potential business ideas and (some names) and I have received a few calls from people wanting to buy the domain from me.
Why don’t you own you own name online? You should! Because if you don’t someone else will and you don’t want to wait until you are starting a business, or “blow up” and then you have to spend tons of money trying to buy it back or get stuck with http://www.yourname.tv  even that crazy business idea that you have been thinking about for the last year buy the domain for it right now!
It’s super cheap right now go to godaddy.com or I use 1and1.com for about $10.00 a year
Here’s a list of the top 11 reasons you should own your  personal domain
  1. For your resume, portfolio, pictures, or blog about yourself (for individuals) Want to stand out to employers post your resume on you own website instead of just send them an email like everyone else.
  2. Provides you with a memorable URL: Imagine giving your email address that has youname@yourname.com as the address, quite impressive don’t you think?  If you ever decide to go into business for yourself, you can brand yourself by giving your name as the email address for others to contact you.  Also, friends will always know how to reach you by just typing in your .com name.
  3. Competitive Advantage: You will have an online presence.  Professionally, you can set yourself apart from the others by having your own name or even living resume that is updated with interactivity and pictures for prospective employers.  You can also develop your online portfolio of your career or creative achievements and show examples of your work.  Employers now do searches for candidates to learn more about them, and by owning your own domain and search results on the search engines, you can control what your prospective employers see about you.
  4. Search Engine: Registering your name will get you listed on search engines and when someone does a search for you online, your site/blog etc.  will be shown.  In the future, if you do not show up on search results, you do not exist.  Article 1 – Article 2
  5. Name Prominence: If you ever decide to write about a topic you have a passion for or expertise in, by having your personal domain name and website, you may gain  some authority and build upon your personal brand to link the two together, making you an authority figure for the topic.
  6. Ownership: Once you own it, you OWN your name over thousands of others.  Unless you don’t renew, once you take a hold of your name dot com, you decide on how your name will be presented on the world wide web.
  7. Take control of your online reputation: The internet truly connects us with people from around the world and you can control your online reputation by having your name dot com’s content be controlled by you.
  8. There are about 7 billion people in the world, so don’t think your name is the only combination out there:  Be the one to take ownership out of the thousands.
  9. Personalize yourself on the internet: Meet new people from around the world, learn how to develop a blog or website and use the site with your name to not only develop your personal brand but also yourinternet development skills.
  10. Develop a Business: Many self emplyed and business owners have registered their name and have sold products, and also established and built a business based on their own personal name domain.
  11. If you don’t, the other person with the same name as you has already done so or will soon.  If it is available, do yourself a favor and own your name on the internet.  It is also a perfect gift idea for family and friends.

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