You must choose your customers

When I worked in PR and Marketing I would always get clients saying “My product is for everyone, everyone can read this book or even my business appeals to everyone.” The truth is if you feel you have a product for everyone then you really have a product for no one. You have to build a niche and most importantly you have to choose your customers it’s not the other way around. Check out this article by Seth Godin a marketing guru
Yes, you get to choose them, not the other way around. You choose them with your pricing, your content, your promotion, your outreach and your product line.
When choosing, consider:
How much does this type of customer need you
How difficult is this sort of person to find…
and how difficult to reach
How valuable is a customer like this one…
and how demanding?
It’s not a matter of who can benefit from what you sell. It’s about choosing the customers you’d like to have.

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Posted by Seth Godin on August 06, 2010 | Permalink

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