Tips to start and manage your email campaigns as effectively as possible.

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1) Get permission first. E-mail is different from all other kinds of marketing. When you get junk mail at home, all those senders required was a working address. But when it comes to someone’s inbox, you need permission first, unless you want to be considered a spammer (you don’t!). In general, people do not open e-mail from people they don’t know. In addition, only opt in or permission-based e-mails are sure to get past the spam filters which seem to get stronger every day.

2) You have permission, now use it. When someone provides you with permission to e-mail them, send that first communication as quickly as possible. This is a terrific time to send them the free gift promised on your website, whether it is a free ebook or perhaps an email course. Don’t send a sales letter. At this point you just want to remind them who you are so you won’t seem like a stranger when you contact them later. Make your first contact warm and friendly, while also reminding them why they signed up in the first place.

3) Use double opt-in only. Many e-mail marketers swear by the single opt-in autoresponder, but the smart businessman knows it is double opt-in that is truly best. No one is on a double opt-in list by accident. This is because they had to verify the communication themselves. This means that your messages will get through all spam filters. The worst thing that can happen if you’re making money through e-mail marketing and get considered a spammer. Your files could get deleted, virtually putting you out of business from one day to the next. Protect yourself from the beginning with a double opt-in only.

The modern entrepreneur cannot afford to be shy when it comes to gathering email addresses.


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  1. Muzik says:

    Very true. This is a great tip. Thanks for posting this.

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