My List of the Top 5 Young Entrepreneur Blogs

Okay I stummbled across this article that I thought really rocked, and although it had 30 strong canidates on it, these are the Fav 5, and the ones that get the attention of my eyeballs and iphone most often


under30ceo Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs of 2009

Founders: Matt Wilson, Jared O’Toole | Twitter: @Under30CEO

Matt and Jared are two young entrepreneurs from New York who are passionate about helping you ditch doing the things you hate and to start living your dreams.  They talk about a variety of business topics, but primarily lifestyle.  Starting a bootstrapped business is one thing, but these guys will teach you how to start a bootstrapped business while enjoying the freedom you desire and deserve.

Dorm Room Biz

dormroombiz Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs of 2009

Founder: Chris Pund | Twitter: @ChrisPund

Chris Pund understands that the college lifestyle presents a unique opportunity to start businesses.  Never will you have as much freedom and access to resources that can help you create your own business.  Dorm Room Biz will show you how to leverage this opportunity to create a successful business.

Zac Johnson

zacjohnson Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs of 2009

Founder: Zac Johnson | Twitter: @moneyreign

Zach Johnson will help you make money.  Lot’s of it.  He is a young entrepreneur who has built his success through affiliate marketing.  The exciting part is that he is sharing his secrets with the world.  All you have to do is check out his blog.

Erin Blaskie

erinblaskie Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs of 2009

Founder: Erin Blaskie | Twitter: @ErinBlaskie

Erin is known for her passionate love affair with Internet marketing (hey she said it), and she has a tendency to partake in her fair share of PDA.  She has mastered the game of systematizing entrepreneurial success with outsourcing, virtual assistants, Internet marketing efforts and more.  The best part is that she is sharing her secretes with everyone.

Young Entrepreneur

youngentrepreneur Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs of 2009

Founders: Adam and Matthew Toren | Twitter: @thebizguy is one of the longest running sites on the Internet that cater to young entrepreneurs.  Adam and Matthew do not only have a powerful blog, but have created one of the most in-depth sites for young entrepreneurs.

Check out the top 30 Young Entrepreneur blogs here

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