50 Leaders Who All Young Entrepreneurs MUST Follow on Twitter


twitterbird-1With the emergence of social media, the rate in which relationships, businesses and brands are developing has accelerated greatlyThe majority of people in this tough economy will be blinded by negative news, while a select few will understand the potential, capitalize and create opportunity.  Now is the time where we will see more entrepreneurs create successful businesses than ever before.

Through networking on Twitter, I have been fortunate enough to meet many brilliant individuals who ARE taking on their lives as we speak.  Originating from my personal inspiration, as well as from surveying many of my followers and friends on Twitter, I have compiled a list of people that areMUST-follows for any young entrepreneur.  This group of 50 offers great VALUE in the areas of personal branding, coaching, social media, blogging and entrepreneurship.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this list.  If any information is incorrect, shoot me a quick email and I will make the proper changes and if you feel I missed you, leave a comment below.  Please follow me (@bradleywill) on Twitter for your daily dose of empowerment for young entrepreneurs and social media strategy.  Cheers!

1. Adam Toren |  @thebizguy
–Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com.

2. AJ Vaynerchuk |  @Ajv
–Young Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of PleaseDressMe.

3. Amanda Hite |  @sexythinker
–CEO of Talent Revolution: The Leading Talent Acquisition Network.

4. Andrew Warner |  @AndrewWarner
–Founder of Mixergy: Where Ambitious People Meet Successful Entrepreneurs.

5. Aronado Placencia |  @Aronado
–Founder of Startup Lucky: Connects Startups with Investors Around the Globe.

6. Ben Lang |  @entrepreneurpro
–15  y/o  EBay Business Owner & Young Entrepreneur.

7. Brendan Wenzel |  @BrendanWenzel
–Young Entrepreneur & Twitter Designer.

8. Chris Perry |  @CareerRocketeer
–Founder of Career Rocketeer, Gen-Y Brand/Marketing Expert.

9. Chris Pund |  @ChrisPund
–Founder of DormRoomBiz: Helping College Entrepreneurs Start Businesses.

10. Club E Network |  @clubenetwork
–Club E Network is an Online & Offline Tribe of Entrepreneurs.

11. College Mogul |  @College_Mogul
–College Mogul Assists College Entrepreneurs Launch Successful Businesses.

12. Dan Schawbel |  @DanSchawbel
–Author of “Me 2.0″ & Leading Personal Branding Expert for Gen-Y.

13. Danielle Herb |  @DanielleHerb
–15 y/o Entrepreneur, Speaker & Horsemanship Coach for Kids w/ ADHD.

14. David Garland |  @TheRiseToTheTop
–TV Show Host who Entertains, Empowers, & Energizes Entrepreneurs.

15. David King |  @davidbeking
–19 y/o Blogger and Internet Marketing Expert

16. David Wilkinson |  @SuperAffiliate
–15 y/o Prodigy Affiliate & Internet Marketer.

17. Derek Johnson |  @tatango
–24 y/o College Dropout & CEO of Internet Startup Tatango.com.

18. Ephren Taylor |  @ephrentaylor
–Social Capitalist & Youngest African-American CEO of Publicly Traded Company.

19. EYE Club |  @eyeclub
–EYE Club Educates & Assists Young Entrepreneurs to Launch Businesses.

20. Felicia Slattery |  @FeliciaSlattery
–Communications & Public Speaking Coach.

21. Gabe Strom |  @GabeStrom
–Social Media Evangelist & Internet TV Host of #SocialMediaTV.

22. Gary Vaynerchuk |  @Garyvee
–CEO of WineLibraryTV & the Leading Voice in Social Media.

23. Gilbert Melott |  @Nextvoice247
–Develops the Voices & Talent of Emerging Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs.

24. Glen Allsopp |  @PluginID
–20 y/o Personal Development Blogger and Founder of PluginID.com.

25. Ingrid Vanderveldt |  @ontheroadwithiv
–Traveling TV Show Host who Interviews Successful Entrepreneurs.

26. Jacob Cass |  @justcreative
–21 y/o Design/Creativity Blogger, Graphic Designer & Web Designer.

27. James Wedmore |  @JamesWedmore
–1/5 of Reality Mastermind: Showcasing the Internet Marketing Lifestyle.

28. Jared O’Toole |  @JaredOToole
–Co-Founder of Factor77 who Inspires People to “stop doing sh*t they hate.”

29. Jason O’Neill |  @pencilbugs
–13 y/o Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Role Model.

30. Jennifer Kushell |  @ysnjen
–President & Co-Founder YSN.com, Author of “Secrets of the Young & Successful.”

31. Jon West |  @theJonWest
–Young eCommerce Entrepreneur & CEO of 3tailer.

32. Jun Loayza |  @JunLoayza
–Blogger Educating Startup Entrepreneurs & Founder of Viralogy.

33. Justin Nowak |  @YoungGoGetter
–Founder of YoungGoGetter: A Playground for Entrepreneurs Young At Heart.

34. Logan Kugler |  @LoganKugler
–19 y/o Entrepreneur & Internationally Published Freelance Writer.

35. Lyn Graft |  @LynGraft
–TV  Producer & Young Entrepreneur Advocate, Filmed Over 300 Entrepreneurs.

36. Matt Wilson |  @MattWilsonTV
–Co-Founder of Factor77 & HAEO  Encouraging People to Follow Their Passion.

37. Matthew Sapaula |  @MatthewSapaula
–Financial/Media Expert & MoneySmartRadio Host.

38. Melik Yuksel |  @GotMelik
–14 y/o Blogger, Web/Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur.

39. Michael Dunlop |  @MichaelDunlop
–20 y/o Founder of Retire@21, Teaches Young Entrepreneurs to Make Money Online.

40. Michael Montgomery |  @MikeMonty
–Young Entrepreneur Bringing Yo-Yoing to Life.

41. Mike Michalowicz |  @TPEntrepreneur
–Author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

42. Oliver Turner |  @Oliver_Turner
–23 y/o Entrepreneur & Outsourcing Expert.

43. Penelope Trunk |  @BrazenCareerist
–Founder of Brazen Careerist: Leading Generation-Y Career Community.

44. Ramit Sethi |  @Ramit
–Young Personal Finance Blogger & Author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.”

45. Ryan Angelo |  @RyanAngelo
–Professional Speaker, Teaching Entrepreneurs to Go From “stressed to success.”

46. Ryan Stephens |  @RyanStephens
–Young Entrepreneur & Social Media/Relationship Marketing Blogger.

47. Sarah Prout |  @Sarahprout
–Author & Social Media /Publishing Expert for Online Entrepreneurs.

48. Scott Stratten  | @Unmarketing
–Successful Viral Marketer, Teaching People to “stop marketing and start engaging.”

49. Shonika Proctor |  @teenbizcoach
–Teen CEO Coach, Teaching Teen Entrepreneurs to “manifest their raw talent.”

50. Stanley Tang |  @StanleyTang
–16 y/o Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author of eMillions.
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