Delta in-flight menu doesn’t fly

NoFlyZoneCool 11 inch tall white menu with chic green fonts and great pictures of salads with Goat Cheese and Brie and Roasted Turkey and apple sandwiches. Granted it’s the same old plane no decor on the walls no hard wood floors and candles I mean its a Delta Air Plane coach seat. But I was really happy to see this menu, to hold it and go through it’s pages and make a hard decision of narrowing down my selection from the 3 item lunch menu to one. I decided on the Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Granny Smith Apples and Brie. I was so excited wonder if it was going to come in that cute square plate. While I paid 7 bucks for this gormet sandwich the couple beside me took out their toasted subs from Subway that they purchased prior to the flight boy oh boy did it smell good, but I was convinced that my sandwich would be amazing because of the lovely menu. Jack my stewardess proceeds to hand me a turkey sandwich wrapped in Sarranwrap. I immediately looked at him as if he had my order wrong. Nope that was mine alright the hardest and coldest and ugliest sub I’ve ever seen. Boy was it horrible, especially having to sit by two people filling their belly with consistant goodness from Subway. To make a long depressing story short, think about how you are marketing your products with websites like Yelp, and Amazon if you are pulling the old bait and switch your company will be on the “Internet shit list” faster then a New York minute.
Creativity is great but being able to deliver what you promote and promise is really the key to business success!

P.s. I am writing this on my 4 hour flight from Portland and I am still hungry

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