Vending machines sell after-party shoes

Published on 21 May 2009 in Fashion & Beauty

Women who love their high heels may already be aware of ‘emergency’ flats that roll up and fit inside a purse in order to be slipped onto tired feet the end of a long night of dancing. Two new companies in England have taken the concept a step further by selling their version of portable flats in vending machines at nightclubs.

Rollasoles sell for about GBP 5 and come in four colors: Hi Ho Silver, Gold Digger, and Back to Black and Pink. When tested in Oceana and Liquid nightclubs, the classic looking ballet quickly shoes sold out. Rollasoles is planning to introduce more vending machines and eventually branch out beyond the UK.

Afterheels are similar rollable ballet flats that also sell for about GBP 5 but have—according to the company—the added feature of being sustainable; the bodies of the shoes are made from natural materials and the polypropylene insoles are fully recyclable. Both Rollasoles and Afterheels are sold with a matching bag to carry their wearer’s stilettos home. It’s hard to imagine a place where this kind of convenience wouldn’t appeal to female clubgoers.



Feature on  Spotted by: Raymond Kollau

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