Are you 50 games ready?

Are you 50 game ready he said, he being Chris Wright President of the NBA team the Minnesota Timberwolves and at the time my boss. It was the point when a boring speech got interesting because I has no idea what he was talking about. To make a long story short the 08 season for the team was like the worst ever and being 50 game ready means once we become successful are we internally ready to handle it, handle the success, the attention we all really want it, write goals to achive, pray about it and dream about it. But when it knocks on the door heck clobbers us over the head what’s the next step?

I asked myself that same question 2 months ago. I got a write up on a website I mean just amazing press I could not have paid for what came after it. The calls the emails it seems like everyone was having a party and wanted us there. But…we wern’t prepared, not even enough to handle responding back to emails more over we were having mechanical problems and could not go out that night to immedately capitalize on the new found attention. What happened a lot of nothing and everything at the same time.

When that big client calls, or you win a big contract or heck Oprah calls will you be ready?

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