Top Gen Y Biz Blogs

Can’t get enough of YBizBuzz? Check out these other Gen Y business blogs:

Barry Moltz – Funny, eye opening and topical! Make sure you check out the rants, too.
Young Renegades CEOs – Need to wait for your 18th birthday to launch a business? Think again!
College Mogul – A blog for new entrepreneurs. This is a must visit!
College Startup – The best blog out there for starting a business while in college.
Dorm Room Biz v3.0 – Launch the next Microsoft from your dorm room.
TrueNYC – Tons of entrepreneurial videos. Best site of its type, hands down!
The Collegiate Entrepreneur – Launching your college business is a head game.
Young Go Getter – Their name says it all.
Startup Students – Great articles, just wish there were more of ’em.
YBizBuzz – Saving the best for last


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