trusT with a capital T

trust21So friends I got burned…and no not sun burned. Burned in business. When I had my first business I won a big contract I’m mean at 19 years old it was the biggest contract my company had ever seen! Over the course of a summer vacation it was gone with a snap of a finger or should I say with the sound of a voicemail. Yes I found out that my business partner had stolen practically my whole business while listening to a voicemail greeting. Since then I have had a really hard time finding a business partner or even hiring someone to help me. 

I now travel way too much for work and need to hire someone who I can really depend on especially with money since the Feverish truck is a mostly cash business. How do you find a business partner with you have exausted all posiblities with friends and family. I wonder if I put an ad on craigslist for the perfect business partner what kind of offers from Africa I will get. Ha!

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